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Client: Fulton Hogan Civil

Design Engineer: OPUS

CFA Piling Bored Piling for Christchurch Western Belfast Bypass Motorway Extension

McMillan Civil were successful tenderers for the Continuous Flite Auger ( CFA ) Lateral Spreading Protection and Bearing Pile component of the Belfast Motorway extension. The site is located near the Groynes area of the Waimakariri River. Ground conditions comprised high water table and extremely varied sands, gravels, silts, and buried organics (trees in some cases).

The CFA piling was reasonably challenging due to the extremely variable ground conditions, and also the depth of Circa 18m requiring full length reinforcing. Piles were 800mm diameter.

The Bored Piling involved cleaning out steel casings pre-driven by Fulton Hogan to 20m depth at 900mm diameter.

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