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About Us

McMillan Civil Ltd was formed as a separate business to provide dedicated service to the Civil and Construction Industries. McMillan Drilling and McMillan Civil have ownership links and continue to work together with utilization of shared equipment and resources. 


Through Jaron McMillan, McMillan Civil has links back to the well sinking and blacksmith business of his grandfather (T.T. McMillan), followed by McMillan Water Wells founded by his father (L.G. McMillan), the original company being established in 1947.


McMillan Civil has steadily grown to become one of New Zealand’s largest and leading multifaceted civil drilling companies.  The strength of the company lies in its experienced staff, extensive range of equipment and the creation and pursuit of innovative drilling technologies.

McMillan Drilling 1947

Jaron McMillan has established international joint ventures utilizing patented techniques developed by himself and used by McMillan Civil in New Zealand.

The underlying philosophy has always been to demonstrate and maintain a tangible point of difference.  Drilling is a technically challenging industry where proven experience and expertise are essential for success.  The talents of expert personnel and a selection of drilling rigs (from small light weight limited access machines to large high capacity 80+ tonne machines) combine to ensure McMillan Civil can undertake the simplest to the most complex projects.

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