CFA Piling
Continuous Flight Auger
McMillan's were the first contractor to purchase instrumented CFA pile equipment in New Zealand.


  • Piles can be up to 1000mm in diameter

  • Depths to 18m reinforced

  • Depth to 24m unreinforced 

  • Ground Improvement (Reinforced & Unreinforced)

  • Retaining Walls

  • Secant Walls

  • Foundations

  • The assembled rig is moved to the pile position and the Auger is centred over the marker.

  • The Auger is screwed into the ground to the predetermined technical requirement.

  • Fluid concrete is pumped to the base of the auger which is concurrently extracted. 

  • Spoil arising's are cleared  from the auger and immediate surroundings.

  • Specified reinforcement is inserted into fluid concrete.

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