McMillan Civil introduced a Patented NVSC - Non Vibration Stone Column technique to the New Zealand market following the Christchurch Earthquakes.
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This provides the following benefits over traditional vibrating stone column installations:

  • The method is vibration free so it can be used immediately next to sensitive sites or neighbouring buildings. (To within 1.5m of existing buildings have been done.) 

  • The method is fast to set up, and column installation can begin within 3 hours of the equipment arriving on site depending upon which base machine is used. 

  • Only two pieces of plant are required at each site. The stone column machine, and a loader. Stone deliveries by truck.

  • The equipment involves less high pressure and high wear hydraulic components, and is subsequently more reliable with reduced costs.

  • This method allows the introduction of cement, to create cement stabilised columns, providing increased load transfer properties. 

  • Graded filter selected materials can be used so columns are more resistant to clogging in liquefaction events.  Columns remain effective for multiple events. 

  • No introduction of high pressure water or air required so relatively mess free. Sites immediately adjacent to sensitive environments completed. 

  • Method builds complete columns at all times, so there is no-void space introduction to allow column contamination at any time, unlike methods where a plunging motion is used.  

  • The tooling is a hybrid drilling assembly, this allows tool penetration through hard layers and removes the requirement for predrilling, that is often required for vibrating tooling. 

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