Screw Piling
Design and Build Screw Piles
Screw piles
The screw piles sometimes referred as  helical piles, or helical anchors. Screw piles are a type of deep foundation that can be easy installed. It is screwed into the ground using hydraulic power heads machinery until the bearing capacity required for your structure is achieved.
Potential Advantages of Using Screw-Piles
  • Great cost effective type of pile;
  • Quick Installation;
  • Immediate Load Capability;
  • Minimal disturbance in the worksite areas due to no vibration or noise;
  • Monitoring of installation and verification of the load capacity during its installation;
  • Installation on remote sites or on sites with limited access;
  • Great flexibility, can be modulated for any type of load capacity and site limitations;
  • Installation in High Groundwater Conditions.

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